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Legal Support Services

We offer the following solutions, both complex and separately, in the direction of legal support for the effective, unobstructed and at the same time lawful activities of companies.
Corporate Law Services

Establishment, reorganization, and liquidation of legal entities, representations, and branches

Support for opening bank accounts for legal entities

Registration of legal entities in foreign countries

Legal support for obtaining the necessary permits and licenses

Trademarks, patents and copyrights

Preparation of Legal Documentation

Preparation and review of various internal documents (orders, rules, regulations, etc.) regulating the activities of legal entities

Preparation and review of different types of contracts (in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages)

Preparation of other documents (letters, acts, letters of attorney, etc.)

Notarial translation and confirmation of various legal documents, provision of apostille and legalization

Provision of various notary operations in notary offices and outside the notary offices

Employment and Labour Law Services

Development of labour and full liability contracts

Preparation of collective agreement

Obtaining the necessary permits (work and living) for the employment of foreign workers

Out-of-court settlement of labour disputes

Legal and organizational and technical regulation of labour protection

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